DVD's of Talks by Bhikkhu Bodhi and Ajahn Thanissaro

Our monastery was given several DVD's of talks by Bhikkhu Bodhi and Ajahn Thanissaro.
These DVD's are meant to be given to those with an interest in the teachings of the Buddha.
If you would like any of the DVD's please let Linda Halford know and we will mail them to her
and she can distribute them. Here are a list of what we have:

Thanissaro Bhikkhu- Basics 55 Dhamma Talks (we have lots of these)
Bhikkhu Bodhi- Exploring the Word of the Buddha (A Systematic Study of the Majjhima Nikaya)
Bhikkhu Bodhi- A Study of "In the Buddha's words" (An Anthology of Discourses from the Pali Canon)
Bhikkhu Bodhi- Three Blessing Suttas (Ratana, Mangala, Metta Suttas)

with friendliness,
Ayya Dipa


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