Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Second Saturdays: Introduction to Meditation

Join us this Saturday, February 11, after the 9 a.m. sitting meditation, as we discuss our upcoming plans to study Gil Fronsdal's course, "Introduction to Meditation."
"Several times a year Gil Fronsdal offers a 5 or 6 week instructional series for beginning meditators. These classes provide a good overview of insight meditation practice as well as many guided meditation sessions which help the student learn how to establish and sustain a daily meditation practice." ( )
Our goal for Second Saturdays is to provide a consistent place for us to discuss teachings, ask questions, and try strategies that help strengthen our daily practices. This week, we will introduce the content of the course, our proposed schedule for working with the materials, and the possibility of ongoing support through an online classroom.

We look forward to practicing together!

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