Residential Retreat Opportunity in St. Louis

Dear Friends,

You have an opportunity to attend a retreat with Shaila Catherine in St. Louis Aug 22-26.

Even though I prefer to recommend dana retreats it might be that a fee based retreat is within your means. I am just passing this on and have no connection with this retreat. Please see details below.

With friendliness,

Sister Dipa


Shaila Catherine will lead a residential Insight Meditation retreat August 22-26, 2012 in St. Louis, MO, offered by Mid America Dharma.

The theme is "Awakening With Insight - Cultivating Concentration and Mindfulness". We welcome your attending, but registration closes August 8, 2012. You must register before then to be assured a place.

For complete information, and to register online, please go to: 

For a complete listing of all retreats currently planned by Mid America Dharma, go to: 

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