Upcoming Events

1. Ozarks Dharma Community Picnic, September 9

We will be having our first Ozarks Dharma Community Picnic in the pavilion at Fassnight Park on Sunday, Sept. 9th from 11:30am-2:30pm.

  • If you'd like to come, please bring a dish to share. 
  • Drinks will be provided. 
  • We will be serving veggie burgers. Please tell us if you'd like one so we know how many we will need.  
  • There will be a table with free Dhamma books to share with each other and interested folks, so if you have any books that you would like to donate, bring them to the studio beforehand or to the park on the day of the picnic. 
  • I will give a mini meditation workshop to anyone who shows up and is interested in learning how to meditate. 
  • We will be putting up flyers around to invite everyone who is interested to attend. Of course, this is a family-friendly event, so bring the kids! There is a nice playground for them to play on.

2. Celebration at the Dinh Quang Buddhist Temple, September 22-23

We should have further information soon on the celebration at Dinh Quang Buddhist Temple on Sept. 22-23, but please don't forget to put this in your calendar for the meantime. 

3. One-Day Retreat, November 4

We will have our one-day retreat at Little Portion on Sunday, November. 4. This is the day that Daylight Savings Time ends, so we get an extra hour of sleep--no excuse, now, not to come! ;)

We'll provide more information closer to the date.

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