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Interview with Sister Dipa

Sister Dipa will receive ordination as a bhikkhuni in October 2012 . We are currently collecting donations to help support Sister Dipa, Mahajapati Monastery and the expenses associated with her upcoming ordination as a bhikkhuni. You can bring donations to our meditation sessions or give directly at Mahajapati Monastery's website .  We are very grateful to Sister Dipa for her generosity in leading the BOW Buddhist Meditation Group (2004-2009), her example in putting the Buddha's teachings into practice, and her willingness to share her time and thoughtful answers with us.  ****************     This embedded video can also be viewed at Youtube HERE .  A synopsis of Sister Dipa's answers can be found HERE (PDF) .   In this interview, Sister Dipa answers the following questions for our reflection: How long have you been practicing and what first inspired you to study and practice Buddhism?  What practices have been most helpful in sustaining your commi

Invitation to the Vietnamese Temple Dedication

We received the invitation to the Official Opening and Blessing Ceremony of the Quan-Am Bodhisattva Statue at the new Dinh Quang Buddhist Temple at 10:00 AM on Sunday September 23rd, 2012. The invitation explains that: "The Quan-Am Bodhisattva (in Vietnamese) is the Avalokiteshvara Bodhisattva of Compassion, who is mostly known as the resemblance figure of a mother with a great loving heart. He loves everyone, every living being as his own child, no discrimination of any kind. Therefore, in the grand plan of rebuilding and establishing the Dinh Quang Temple, we have completed the establishment of the Quan-Am Bodhisattva Statue in the outdoor Zen garden to represent the great compassion he brings to people at the temple, in the community, and in the world. ...  This event not only endeavors to provide an opportunity for spiritual strengthening but also would celebrate a community symbol for peace and compassion to better the lives of the people in need." You can also do

Donations for Sister Dipa's Monastery & Ordination

Our former group leader, Sister Dipa, will be ordained next month at Dharma Vijaya Vihara in Los Angeles, along with three other women. We have decided to send all the donations that will be collected from now until Saturday, October 6th to Sister Dipa's monastery, Mahapajapati Monastery, to help cover the expenses that will be incurred for the ordination. We'll be posting more details about the ordination soon. This is a wonderful opportunity for us to show our support for Sister Dipa for the dedication she has shown in the past by leading our group, as well as for her strong determination to lead a life dedicated to practice as a fully ordained bhikkhuni. Please consider making a donation for this joyous event! If you can't make it to the group, then you may send a donation directly to Mahapajapati Monastery. Here is their website, where you will find more information:  http://www.mahapaja Thank you all very much for your generosity!

Thank You!

Thank you to everyone who contributed to our donation for Dinh Quang Buddhist Temple. We were able to present a donation from our group of $400 today. Construction of the temple continues. Everything has been moved into the new temple, and the old building will be demolished this week. A tile floor will be installed in the back part of the temple. The asphalt parking lot has been completed, so finally there is enough room for everyone to park! Everyone in the temple community is busy helping Thay get the building and grounds ready for the festivities that will be held on Sept. 22nd and 23rd. Thay has invited 50 monks to attend, as well as people who are members of the various Vietnamese temples in the Midwest. It should be quite an event! I will let you know when I know the schedule of events. In another week or so, Thay will need volunteers to help paint.Volunteers will also be needed at the festival on the 22-23. We'll share more information soon. Thanks to everyone for the