Interview with Sister Dipa

Sister Dipa will receive ordination as a bhikkhuni in October 2012. We are currently collecting donations to help support Sister Dipa, Mahajapati Monastery and the expenses associated with her upcoming ordination as a bhikkhuni.

You can bring donations to our meditation sessions or give directly at Mahajapati Monastery's website

We are very grateful to Sister Dipa for her generosity in leading the BOW Buddhist Meditation Group (2004-2009), her example in putting the Buddha's teachings into practice, and her willingness to share her time and thoughtful answers with us. 


This embedded video can also be viewed at Youtube HERE
A synopsis of Sister Dipa's answers can be found HERE (PDF).  

In this interview, Sister Dipa answers the following questions for our reflection:
  1. How long have you been practicing and what first inspired you to study and practice Buddhism? 
  2. What practices have been most helpful in sustaining your commitment to the path? 
  3. Tell us about your daily responsibilities at Mahapajapati. 
  4. What are some practical ways and benefits for isolated lay Buddhist communities (like ours) to be related to monastics? 
  5. What is the significance of bhikkhuni ordination to you personally and for the Buddhist community as a whole? 

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