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Evening Meditation - 1st & 3rd Thursday in March

Join us for a new evening meditation held the first and third Thursday in March. The evening Open Sit is a silent, group meditation with a simpler format: between 7-8pm you can come-and-go any time, just do so mindfully and quietly. There is no formal guidance or discussion. This event is free; new and experienced meditators are welcome. Open Sit evening meditation Doors open at 7pm, close at 8pm. Come and go as you please. March 7 &  21, 2019. Feel free to attend one or both dates, see  calendar . National Avenue Christian Church,  March 7 in the Gallery, March 21 in the Parlor. Parking and directions . Free. Open to new as well as experienced meditators.  Cushions, benches, chairs, mats and blankets are available. For questions, contact us at  Pause, breathe and enjoy a peaceful evening of meditating together!