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Daylong Meditation Retreat - June 9, 2019, Strafford MO

Join Ozarks Dharma Community for a Daylong Meditation Retreat in Strafford. When : Sunday, June 9, 2019, 9am-4pm  Where : Strafford, MO, 30 minutes north of Springfield. Detailed directions will be emailed after you register.  How to attend: Register online .  Cost:  Suggested donation of $15 per person at the door, but no one is turned away for lack of funds. Any amount paid above $15 helps those who may not otherwise be able to attend. The day will be held in Noble Silence. There are scheduled group sitting times, but feel free to practice sitting or walking meditation at your own pace the rest of the day. SCHEDULE 8:45am  Registration check-in 9:00am   Retreat Begins / Group Sitting Meditation with Don 11:15am Group Sitting Meditation with Janet 12pm   Lunch (1 hour; we will maintain Noble Silence) 1pm  Group Walking Meditation with Darryl (optional) 3pm  Group Sitting Meditation with John 4pm Retreat Ends WHAT TO BRING Sack lunch & water b

Evening Meditations in April

Come to our Open Sit evening meditations on the first and third Thursday in April. The Open Sit is a silent, group meditation with a simple format: between 7-8pm you can come-and-go any time, just do so mindfully and quietly. A bell is rung every 20 minutes; use it as a cue to change from sitting to walking meditation, or walking to sitting meditation, or just remain in the mode you're in. There is no formal guidance or discussion. This event is free and open to all. Open Sit  evening meditation Doors open at 7pm, close at 8pm.  Come and go as you please. April 4 & 18 , 2019.  Attend one or both dates, see  calendar . National Avenue Christian Church,  Parlor Room.  See detailed parking and room directions . Free. Open to new as well as experienced meditators.  Cushions, benches, chairs, mats and blankets are available. For questions, contact us at 

2019 Saturday Study - Seven Factors of Awakening

Join Ozarks Dharma Community for the 2019 Saturday Study series on The Seven Factors of Awakening . The Insight Meditation Center summarizes the factors as “...creat[ing] the conditions in the mind so the mind can do the kind of letting go that leads to Liberation. The seven factors can be developed to the point of becoming inner strengths that facilitate...releasing clinging.” Saturday Study is the third Saturday of every month. We’ll emphasize one factor per month: Mar 16, 2019 - Mindfulness with John Apr 20 - Investigation with Rowena May 18 - Effort with Don Jun 15 - Joy with Jeff Jul 20 - Concentration with Jeff Aug 17 - Tranquility with Don Sep 21 - Equanimity with Janet For a richer experience, we encourage you to listen to these dharma talks fr om Insight Meditation South Bay with a talk dedicated to each factor. Jack Kornfield’s Living Dharma excerpt pro vides a quick summary. More detail is provided by Thanissaro Bikkhu’s Wings to Awakening