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Collaborative Meditation with NACC - April 28, 2019

Ozarks Dharma Community and NACC will come together for a collaborative and open meditation on Sunday, April 28th from 12 to 12:45 in The Parlor. There will be a short introduction to meditation followed by some time to reflect and meditate.

Open Sit Evening Meditations - now through 2019

We now offer Open Sit evening meditations on the first and third Thursday each month in 2019. Please note the schedule below is subject to change. The Open Sit is a silent, group meditation with a simple format: between 7-8pm you can come-and-go any time, just do so mindfully and quietly. A bell is rung every 20 minutes; use it as a cue to change from sitting to walking meditation, or walking to sitting meditation, or just remain in the mode you're in. There is no formal guidance or discussion. This event is free and open to all. General Info Open Sit Evening Meditation Doors open at 7pm, close at 8pm.  Come and go as you please. First & Third Thursday of the month.  Attend any or all dates. See list below or  calendar . National Avenue Christian Church,  Parlor Room.  See detailed parking and room directions . Free. Open to new as well as experienced meditators.  Schedule  Dates subject to change. Please check back for updates or see our Facebook page

Ozarks Dharma Community Outreach Activities

ODC has partnered with National Avenue Christian Church (NACC) which has a very active community outreach program and NACC has graciously invited us to be a part of their efforts. ODC is participating in three endeavors on a routine basis and will join other NACC initiatives as opportunities arise. The efforts we currently have adopted are: 1. Supporting NACC in providing meals to those in need on Mondays at  Grace United Methodist Church on Jefferson Avenue and Cherry Street.  NACC has four groups that rotate on Mondays to provide the meals, including cooking/preparation, setting up, serving and cleaning up. It typically takes 7-12 people each Monday. The NACC teams almost always need help and our ODC group helps provide the extra people needed on a weekly basis. The meal service time frame is 4:30-6:30, with dinner served from 5-5:45. You can show up any time from 4:15 to right before 5 and usually be of help.  Enter on the Cherry side (Northeast side of the church). Th