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5-Week Introduction to Somatic Meditation Course

ODC invites you to join us in a free, 5-week introduction to somatic meditation Course Description Our body, or soma, offers direct access to our true nature, or higher self. The soma also holds our unresolved issues and traumas, which can block that access. These manifest as physical tension, emotional distress, and disease. Using the breath-work and visualization practices presented in this course, we develop an intimate and ever-deepening relationship with our soma, increasing our connection to our innate wisdom and creativity. This course is experiential in nature, using guided meditations. It is suitable for all levels of practitioners of any tradition, including secular and non-Buddhist. For novices, it provides a solid foundation on which to develop a meditation practice. Advanced practitioners will learn skillful methods to enhance their existing practice.  Participants are required to attend the first session. About the Facilitator Kevin McNerney has been exploring s