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Go Deeper with Buddhism through Saturday Study - Now Online

Ozarks Dharma Community (ODC) is pleased to announce a new online Saturday Study will begin on September 19, 2020. Led by ODC facilitators and other ODC members, Saturday Study will explore the Eightfold Path.
What is the Eightfold Path?The Buddha taught about suffering, the causes and ending of suffering, and a path we can cultivate to end suffering.

This Eightfold Path entails practices by which we can learn to pay attention to and become skillful in eight inter-related domains of our behavior, in order that we might reduce and even end our suffering and that of others. These eight inter-related domains are: Views, Intentions, Speech, Conduct, Livelihood, Effort, Mindfulness, and Concentration. (Also, these eight domains are sometimes grouped into three larger categories: wisdom, ethics, and mental discipline.)
How does Saturday Study work?In Saturday Study, Ozarks Dharma Community will explore the Eightfold Path in more detail with those who wish to participate.

We will meet online …

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